How do I Use the Javascript Interface?

Our JavaScript interface has ~100 methods you can use to interact with Kiosk Mode Lockdown and the underlying hardware. A quick overview look on how to install and use the library can be found here. Written by Developers for Developers we know that documentation can be tricky sometime, that’s why we […]

How to use SSL client authentication

Sometime you want to securely authenticate and identify your devices through client certificate authorization. Kiosk Mode Lockdown’s browser is fully capable of handling this authorization flow starting from Android Lollipop (21) and above. The following steps are required to properly use the SSL client authentication: Generate a PKCS12 Keystore containing a certificate […]

The tablet/smartphone keeps turning on

Kiosk Mode Lockdown has some mechanisms that interact with the display preventing it to go off. While this is the normal behavior when using the app. It may occur in some versions that the display keeps turning on even when using other apps. It’s necessary to properly exit the app. […]

Permission requests

KIOSK MODE LOCKDOWN require/asks the following permission to properly works. SET HOME DEFAULT Kiosk Mode lockdown is an Homescreen app with an embedded Browser. You could use this app to create public kiosks, digital signage and any other kiosk-like solution that prevents your end-users to misuse your own Android device. […]

Do you offer a white label/rebranded version?

Yes, We offer a very fast rebranding service. In a rebranded version you can: customize app icon set a default URL for fast provisioning customize app name decide package name prohibit access to settings page Any other default settings you may require You’re only required to provide the following assets (along […]

How Can I use Kiosk Mode Lockdown?

There are many use cases for a powerful App such as kiosk Mode Lockdown. Some of them are: Educational Kiosks Queue Ticket Dispensers Digital Signage Audio Juke Box Company Performance Dashboards Survey Collections Company owned devices with restricted access.