What is a Kiosk?

In information technology, a kiosk (pronounced KEE-ahsk ) is a small physical structure (often including a computer and a display screen) that displays information for people walking by. Kiosks are common near the entrances of shopping malls in North America where they provide shoppers with directions. Kiosks are also used […]

Common video problems in Screensaver

When in screensaver mode you can leverage fullscreen video playback. Most of the “black screen” or “video does not start” problems are due to incompatible video format with the running Android device. Please check this article for more information on the matter. On some low-end devices when the video does […]

Does the app provide crash recovery mechanism?

Yes, The app Automatically restart itself when a crash occurs. This advanced mechanism allows the app to always run. When a certain amount of crashes occurs within a short period of time, the App will automatically launch a recovery system where you’ll be able to open the settings: in case you think you may have […]

What are the available customization for the Screensaver?

When using the Screensaver in slideshow mode you’ll be able to leverage multiple tuning options that will let you decide the transition duration, transition effect and delay between slides. Some settings such as Screensaver timeout and Slides delay, could not be lower than certain values to avoid data input errors. Several […]

Can I play a slideshow of images as Screensaver?

Yes, save your images under `/sdcard/kioskmode/screensaver-images`; The images are going to be played ordered alphabetically. So, for example, if you have 10.jpg 11.jpg 2.jpg they’re going to be played as displayed in the list since 2.jpg is (lexicographically speaking) greater than both 10 & 11.jpg. Note: you could also specify […]

What Video Formats are supported?

Depending on your device Android™ version you’ve a set of supported video formats and encoding. Please check the related Android documentation (available here) for the most up-to-date info on the matter.

Can I play a video in the Screensaver?

Yes, Just place your video file within /sdcard/kioskmode/screensaver-video/ you could name the video file as you prefer but only the first one (alphabetically) will be played. Please check the following article for more information on allowed video formats.

How to enable Screensaver?

To enable the ScreenSaver you’ll need to have a valid Premium or Remote Management License. Just open the settings, navigate to “Screensaver” and toggle the Switch; all the screensaver related settings will automatically be enabled.

Launching the App

Once installed the app would need to be set as Default Home for your Android device. This can be done, on most devices, by simply pressing the Home button and properly select Kiosk Mode Lockdown as default Home App as shown in the picture below. Please Note: You can exit anytime […]