Exiting the App

You can exit the App anytime by entering the settings screen, and using the proper icon in the toolbar as shown in the image below: Alternatively you could browse to the “Miscs & info” section and select the “Exit to Launcher” item.

Configuring the App

Just launch the app and access the settings. If you’re using the app on your phone you’ll be shown something similar to the following image: Each section contains several settings belonging to that category. Here a quick summary of each section: Display: Generic and Display settings such as theme, URLs and such. Toolbar: Toolbar preferences; […]

How do I access the Settings?

Accessing the app settings is really easy. By default there are 2 ways to do so: Quickly tap 4 times anywhere on the screen Use the upper-right-hand corner overflow menu If enabled, a Pin will be requested to access the inner settings of the App. Default PIN is 0000

Installing the App

Installing the app is easy. The APK is currently published within the Play Store and you can download it from this link. If your device does not have the Play Store you’ll be able to download the APK by yourself. Please drop us a line for a permanent link to the latest version […]