Configuring the App

Just launch the app and access the settings.

If you’re using the app on your phone you’ll be shown something similar to the following image:

Each section contains several settings belonging to that category. Here a quick summary of each section:

  • Display: Generic and Display settings such as theme, URLs and such.
  • Toolbar: Toolbar preferences; Ex: buttons visibility, & Toolbar colors.
  • Content: HTML Content settings such as zoom, cache clearings and behaviors.
  • Allowed URLs: Website restriction settings
  • Hardware: Sensors, camera and hardware buttons settings.
  • Power: Tweak power settings such as auto-sleep, auto-wakeup and power saving.
  • Advanced: Advanced Settings and behaviors. Ex: prevent dialogs, display off, status bar visibility and such.
  • Timers & Timeouts: Timers and Timeouts value settings
  • Screensaver: Video and Photo Slideshow settings such as durations, effects and behaviors.
  • Admin: Admin settings such as Passwords, Import/Export settings, and exit app.
  • Miscs & info: App/Device Informations and links.


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