Do you offer a white label/rebranded version?


We offer a very fast rebranding service. In a rebranded version you can:

  • customize app icon
  • set a default URL for fast provisioning
  • customize app name
  • decide package name
  • prohibit access to settings page
  • Any other default settings you may require

You’re only required to provide the following assets (along with the customization requests above):

  • 512×512 icon
  • 576×576 app logo

Optionally you can provide your own version of the downsized icon and app logo assets.

  • Icon optional sizes: 48×48, 72×72, 96×96, 144×144, 192×192, 512×512
  • Logo optional sizes: 144×144, 216×216, 288×288, 432×432, 576×576

Please Note: when purchasing a rebranded version you’ll still need to buy licenses to use the app PRO features and/or Remote Management functionalitiies.

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